Doc and the Disorderlies

We make house calls

About our CD "House Calls"….

... is a collection of twelve tunes that made us feel good. Easy to swallow medicine and good for what ails ya with a satisfying aftertaste. It’s a peek into one of the theatres in which Doc and the Disorderlies operate. -Original material featuring strong imagery, catchy melodies, rich harmonies and groove…

House Calls is the perfect prescription.. for good listening! CD's are available at the Smorgasbord Deli, 715 Victoria Street, The Art We Are, 246 Victoria Street or from any of us. You can also download it from CD Baby, (or click on the link below) and on iTunes. 


River Harmony acapella Choir with Doc and the Disorderlies:


    Friday, May 26 in Vernon at the Trinity United Church, 3300 Alexis Park Drive. 


    Saturday, May 27 in Kamloops at the Downtown United Church, 421 St. Paul Street.

July 7, 2017:

    Friday Night Live - Scotch Creek       Open mic  6:30  Feature  8:00

August 22, 2017:

    Music in the Park - Riverside Park Kamloops 7:00 - 8:30 (bring a lawn chair or blanket!) 

October 28, 2017:

    Revelstoke Coffeehouse

The Art We Are January 23/16 
"Through the Night" - with Mad for Joy 

Doc and the Disorderlies: House Calls
11. What About Joe
Doc And the Disorderlies (House Calls)
4. Zibby Dibby
Doc And the Disorderlies (House Calls)
Fisherman's Son
Doc And the Disorderlies (House Calls)